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Short hair styles for men

2 diciembre, 2021

Short hair styles for men

Short hair styles for men  , There are many styles hair men’s that can be very useful and to which you can give a natural and modern touch incorporating the new trends and the new fashion of the year 2017. Boys with short hair who do not want to grow their hair can choose to a very natural and crazy hairstyle on the top of the head. These fashionable men’s hair look great and give men a very sexy image.

Short hair styles for men

Short hair styles for men
Short hair styles for men

Giving a natural air to the hairstyle of a man with hair a little longer on the top than on the sides

modern short haircuts for men

On the other hand, if you have shorter hair and you want to give your image a crazy touch, you can do it with boys’ haircuts and a little hair gel. You have to keep in mind that the gel does not have to be much to be able to give your hair natural air.

Short hair styles for men
Short hair styles for men

A hairstyle for a young boy with very short hair and with a crest of longer hair

boy man haircuts

Instead, you also have to take into account that men’s haircuts with a longer crest and shaved hair at the back are used a lot by younger guys. In this way, if you want to give a more youthful touch to your look, you can bet on this hairstyle.

A hairstyle for men with longer hair combed to the side

elegant modern man haircuts

However, the strict and serious air of business men can be done with longer men’s haircuts combed to the side or you can also opt for a shorter haircut as you can see in the photos below.

Short hair styles for men
Short hair styles for men

A very modern and elegant hairstyle that will enhance the style of the man’s image with a parting on one side.

men’s haircuts style

2016 was a year of constant experimentation and immense creativity displayed by the best hairdressers around the world. Men’s haircuts in 2017 will continue that trend as we see new short hairstyles, medium length haircuts, and longer hairstyles.

A hairstyle for men with longer hair with gel to fix it to the side and back

boys haircuts men

We have never seen so much diversity in men’s hairstyles. The days of going around with the same old haircuts for years are totally over. Young men are willing to try something new every time they visit the salon in hopes of standing out from the crowd.

Making a very original and interesting hairstyle for a man with medium long and straight hair

haircuts men bangs

Messy long hair will look a lot in 2017. We are going to see a lot of long hair hairstyles, long fringes, medium length cuts with more length on top.

Short hair styles for men
Short hair styles for men

Some hairstyles for young guys with shaved hair and a crest that leaves a part on one side of the head

modern man boy haircuts

In 2017 some men’s hair trends will continue, along with the addition of some new looks. Take a look at these images of men’s haircuts for all hair types and lengths.

Very original and interesting men’s haircuts with a crazy crest of longer hair

modern boy haircuts

From short to long, these spectacular hairstyles don’t skimp on style. Take a look at these photos of men’s short haircuts for 2017 to keep up with the latest trends, some classic cuts, and some combinations of the two. There are five different ways to wear slippery hair.

Men’s haircuts with a well defined crest with stripes on both sides of the head

Short hair styles for men
Short hair styles for men

man haircut

Fade haircuts have been a popular addition to men’s haircuts for years and the trend is not going away for now. They can also be low, medium or high cut, depending on the style and look you want. We encourage mixing and matching to create your own unique combination. The fading of the hair to the skin creates more focus on the hair at the top as well as the facial

A hairstyle for men with a ridge of long hair brushed back and set with gel

short hairstyles for men

This selection of good men’s haircuts includes some classics, trends, and combinations of the two. There are hairstyles with ridges, combs, spikes and short cuts to suit all types of hair and face shapes. All of these styles look great for the 2017 season.

Short haircuts for men

A very modern hairstyle for men with shaved hair at the back at the nape and with a small crest raising the bangs.

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