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How to use btx primont

5 diciembre, 2019

How to use btx primont Botox hair is a moisturizing treatment to recover damaged, broken or very dry hair. It is ideal for people who usually dye their hair regularly, as it restructures the strand battered by chemicals and discoloration. You can do this treatment in a beauty salon or buy your blister and do it yourself. If you want to pamper your hair and return the softness and shine you need, learn in this article about how to apply the hair botox at home.
Steps to follow:

How to use btx primont

The first thing you should do is buy your blister of botox capillary. There are many brands and types, so it is best to go to a specialized store and ask for advice. The botox capillary gemstone is the most recommended.

Btx botox hair

Before applying the blister you should wash your hair twice with shampoo so that it is clean and free of grease. Detangle your hair and remove the water with the air from the dryer, since the hair botox should be applied with wet or dry hair.

Botox hair

Once you have your hair clean and dry, it is time to prepare the mixture to apply the hair botox at home. Shake the vial and mix with 150 ml of water. Stir until a homogeneous liquid forms.
If the water and the blister do not mix properly, it is best to heat both parts over low heat and beat until a homogeneous mixture is formed.

When your hair is dry and the mixture is ready, apply the hair botox in your hair as if you were going to apply a dye, strand by strand with the help of a brush. It is important that all your hair is soaked with the product.

Botox hair Treatment

Sick, cut and healthy hair. Hair before and after treatment.

After you have finished applying the hair botox in your hair, put on a thermal cap and put on heat with the help of the dryer for 20 minutes. Then rinse your hair with only water to remove the hair botox.
After washing your hair with water it is very important to dry your hair with the dryer and pass the iron. This step is essential because it will allow the remaining product in the hair to penetrate further into the cuticle and absorb all the benefits of the treatment.
When you have finished ironing your hair, you have finished applying the hair botox at home. This treatment can be repeated every two weeks or once a month if your hair is not so badly treated. The effects are immediate, so you will notice more softness and shine in your hair.

Once you have finished with the treatment of capillary botox you will notice its effects immediately although, it is true, that in order to achieve a lasting result to the maximum it is vital that you be consistent with this method and, thus, you will be able to recover the health of your mane. But what benefits does hair botox bring? Below we list them:

Sick, cut and healthy hair. Hair before and after treatment.

Botox Hair benefits

• Hydrates hair deeply: one of the most common uses of hair botox is that it is a powerful moisturizing method that manages to repair damaged hair and repair it so that it is shown in better conditions. The reason is that it is made with a high concentration of proteins and natural agents that repair the health of each strand.

• Repairs hair from the roots to the ends: unlike other hair moisturizing treatments (such as masks or conditioners) the hair botox itself can extend from the same root and, thus, provide greater hydration and birth care hair related.
• Restructures the hair strand: this treatment is ideal for regenerating the hair and recovering the naturalness of your hair; Therefore, it is an ideal method for people who have split hair, a lot of frizz or damaged hair.
In addition to all this, we should not overlook that this treatment is much cheaper than other methods that repair the mane. In addition, you can easily do it from home and get an almost hairdressing effect.
It is an intensive treatment 100% natural and without chemicals, which offers intensive hydration to the hair and promises to recover the shine and softness facilitating brushing. It also repairs broken or damaged hair fibers and achieves this through a powerful concentrate of active ingredients. Its formula has the peculiarity of restoring hair from the inside out, increasing its density.

Sick, cut and healthy hair. Hair before and after treatment.

Btx hair ingredients

Collagen is completely natural, it has no chemical components such as formalin, therefore it is much less aggressive for your hair. The result is a total revitalization of the hair from the first use.
Why is it called Botox?
It is popularly called Botox because it restores youth to everything that daily removes hair, such as environmental pollution, sun, heat, water, dyeing, drying, chlorine, etc. The Botox capillary returns it to you.
Until now, Botox was aimed at eliminating all rebel wrinkles so that each of you can wear a younger face, now this is moving to the hair!
How is the procedure step by step?
The process takes about an hour to an hour and a half depending on the length and amount of hair:
First step: Wash your hair with a neutral shampoo to open the cuticles and that the product absorbs better, do not apply any mask, or rinse cream. Only washed with neutral shampoo.
Second step: Dry the hair with a towel to remove excess water, then divide the hair into layers, and apply the product to a centimeter of the scalp wick by wick massaging each of them. So in the whole head.

Botox hair how to use

Third step: Once the product application is finished, a thermal cap or aluminum foil is applied for approximately 15-20 minutes so that this generates more heat and thus the product acts with more force.
Four step: After the exposure time, rinse with water until the product is removed.
Fifth step: Once the hair has been rinsed, the hair is dried with a hair dryer (if it is much better brushing) and then a flat iron is passed by wick to seal the product. After the treatment, you can wash your hair at any time you want , it is always advisable to leave it at least one day.
Who does the treatment work for?
The treatment is for those who have dry, fragile, frizzy and dull hair damaged by any type of chemicals such as color, discoloration, worn out of tips, highlights, etc. Botox restores the softness and immediate shine that is lost by any chemical process and also works for people who have hair damaged by the procedure of some type of straightening.
During the summer, the hair is dried not only by the sun, but also by the salt of the sea water or by the chlorine of the pool. In this case, the ideal thing is to have a Botox hair before going on vacation to protect the hair from any damage caused by the summer. The other option is to do it after the holidays, which surely the hair will need more than ever (although prevention is always better than cure), it is a good option to take care of the hair from the damage of summer.

Botox Hair

The good thing about Hair Botox is that it can be done on any type of hair. It may happen that you do not have any chemical treatment on your hair, but that you naturally have dry ends or frizz hair. In this case, Botox will also give a very good result.
A good fact: There are many pregnant women who lose their softness, shine or even hair loss during pregnancy or after pregnancy. Botox Capillary also works for pregnant women, since it does not have any chemical components such as keratin or straightening that have some percentage of formalin, something that is totally prohibited by doctors during pregnancy. Botox is a 100% natural treatment.
For whom does the treatment not work?
No one can be deprived of having the treatment, since it is valid for any hair. The only people who have to be a little careful are those who have oily hair, because Botox can make it even heavier and look much more greasy. The only care to be taken is at the time of application, since the product begins to be applied to a centimeter of the scalp, to prevent excess fat from being generated.
It is important to note that the Botox capillary is not injected into the scalp, but is applied directly to the hair through massages and heat.
Actually the Botox capillary has no disadvantages, you just have to know how to choose the product well. In the market there are always similar products, but they do not have the same properties. There are many products called Botox that contain a slight percentage of formalin and that already changes the result of what would be the true capillary Botox, which is 100% natural.
It is not a treatment like keratin or any other straightening procedure that modifies the wave of the hair and changes its structure, it only provides shine and softness but does not alter the type of hair at all.

Botox Hair benefits

The treatments similar to the Botox capillary that exist in the market are keratin, and straightening. We say similar because as I said before, the components of keratin and straightening are not the same as that of Botox, since they are not natural and both straightening and keratin have different degrees of formalin.
In the case of keratin, the result is almost the same as Botox, but it alters the naturalness of the hair. If you have waves, the hair loss changes completely, and that curl will no longer be the same. Performing the keratin treatment on straight hair, causes the hair to be even straighter and glued to the scalp.
Eye! That doesn’t mean it’s bad, just that maybe many don’t want their hair to lose their naturalness. It is much more advisable to perform the treatment in hair with curlers.
Smoothing is the strongest unlike keratin and Botox, why? Because the straightening totally alters the type of hair. Even if you have it straight or with curlers, it leaves it straight board! The straightening causes the hair to lose its natural fall due to its high percentage of formalin. There are also different types of straightening, before getting a straightening, you have to take into account what type of hair you have and if you have any chemical procedure, since there is a wide variety of straightening for different types of hair.
Finally, it is worth clarifying that doctors do not recommend any type of smoothing, due to the high percentages of formalin that do poorly to health.
Well girls, prepare the hair that is coming summer and it is tremendous! I send you a big kiss and we’ll be back with more methods and little things for the damn frizz!