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Fake nails styles

Fake nails styles

Fake nails styles  Having beautiful and healthy nails requires a little more special care. It is not enough to decorate them with beautiful colors and patterns, you also have to deeply hydrate and pamper her. Before doing any type of manicure, first get a deep manicure in a center where they can remove cuticles, file your nails well and hydrate it with specific products. Apricot oil is super effective and hydrating for nails and cuticles thanks to its high content of vitamin E,

Fake nails styles

Fake nails styles

More and more famous they choose to add kilometric nails to their looks. This new beauty trend is one that famous people like Blanca Suárez, Rosalía, Natalia Lacunza or Becky G. herself have not hesitated to repeat. Both use gel nails as well as acrylic nails, characterized by being very large and long and having some special design. But what difference is there between the two?

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Difference between acrylic and gel nails

The first difference is that gel nails are less resistant than acrylic nails, even the finishing process is not the same. The gel manicure is done with a special polish that is applied to the nail, which hardens it. This drying procedure is carried out through the well-known ultraviolet light. You will need to get a special lamp. The Elehot brand lamp is one of the best rated on Amazon and only costs € 23.99. You can buy it by clicking here.

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The length of the gel nails are very similar to that of a natural nail, although the thickness of the enamel is much greater. On the other hand, acrylic nails are extensions that are added to the nail, that is, you can choose the length of these. Then you can put on the enamel that you want and, that’s it!

Fake nails

With both nails you can get infallible nails for quite a few days, and almost weeks. With gel nails you will get your nails to harden much faster, and grow stronger, while with acrylic nails what you get is a much greater length and resistance.

As for the duration, gel nails can last between two or three months, although you have to fill it every so often. If instead you are looking for nails that last much longer, acrylic nails are your nails. These nails can last up to 6 months if you fill them little by little, at least every two weeks.

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