Uñas Acrilicas

Fake nails styles names

Fake nails styles names  What do we need to do acrylic nails?

1. Hydration of the nail: buy a nail polish with enough hydration for the nail. In this way you will get the product to adhere much faster. Of course, forget about the oils since they will make the acrylic mold not stick completely. A good option is the Elite99 brand gel nail polishes.

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Fake nails styles names

2. Buy molds: they are a kind of molds that are used for acrylic. They are attached to the nail with a special glue and built on top with acrylic or gel. Also buy a roll for the molds and the construction of the acrylic nails. We recommend the molds of the Hotop brand, their finish is super natural. You can buy them on Amazon for € 7.99 (100 pcs).

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3. Acrylic: also get the liquid, acrylic powder and brushes to be able to do the construction of the acrylic nail. This kit includes everything you need.
How to make acrylic nails step by step

To start we need to sculpt the nail with an acrylic brush and the corresponding acrylic powder. With the same brush we dip in the acrylic powder for about 2-3 seconds until a ball is made. Keep in mind that the ball cannot be liquid or dry. We apply the first ball at the link between the natural nail and unify the entire nail with small acrylic balls. Cover the entire nail with smooth, even movements toward the center of the nail.

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With the help of a tweezer we can mold the acrylic nail and give it a better look. Once dry, we shape the nail and touch up any possible imperfections that may be left, since it should be as natural as possible. The last step is to color or decorate the nail with what you prefer. You can add any type of drawing or simply take them naturally with a colored solor, this is up to you. To finish, remove the rest of the product, apply oil and hydrate the cuticles, making a light massage, and hydrate the hands well.

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