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Fake nails on line

Fake nails on line

Fake nails on line Fingernails and toenails say a lot about our personality, so we will focus on teaching you how to paint your nails: Drawings for painting nails 2020, analyzing the best decorated nails, nail designs and models, the main ones are: acrylic nails , gel nails, false nails, porcelain nails, pointed nails and vintage nails.

Fake nails on line

Fake nails on line

Fake nails on line

We can not talk about nails without commenting on 2020 colored nails. The fashionable colors of this year are: pink, red, matte, white nails, animal print, black, flowers, blue, gold, wine color, purple, silver, mirror, coral, gray, tribal, beige, green, sailor and oranges (like halloween nails). Of course, without forgetting the French manicure that never goes out of style. Discover the nails 2020!

Fake nails at home

Fake nails on line

If you want your manicure to hold perfect, we recommend permanent nails. Although it is called that, in reality, the enamel begins to remove after two weeks and it is necessary to have it removed in a specialized center, if you do not have the necessary tools. What drawings can we make on permanent nails? You can make any drawing but you have to know that for the manicure to be permanent, we only need to have special enamels that, together with the permanent drying, make our manicure hold more than the normal manicure.

Acrylic nails shapes

uñas elegantes rojo y dorado

Currently you can find a lot of expert manicure aesthetic centers, so if you want beautiful painted nails for a special occasion, we recommend you go to one of them to propose some drawings or designs for nails that can go with your look.
2020 acrylic painted nails

Advantages of using acrylic nails? Acrylic nails adapt very well to nails, they resist for a long time (6 months if they are well cared for), so you will wear your nails well for a long time and they look natural.

All nails are the same size and there are many designs to choose your perfect style. As a curious fact, we comment that the nail acrylic is a combination of a liquid and a polymer powder.

Fake nails designs

Uñas de acrilico naturales

So that you yourselves make your acrylic nails to your liking we leave you this one with everything you need:

Fake nails at homa

The main disadvantage of acrylic nails is that it is very difficult to put them on, gel nails are more manageable, that’s why now we focus on 2020 gel nails.

In addition, the latest technology, the one that cares the most for the health of our hands and nails, is gel nails and it is that it does not replace anything, the gel is oligomeric, that is, this gel is a jelly that has to be in order for it to work and act. under a lamp that directly hits its ultraviolet rays.

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