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Fake nails no acrylic

24 agosto, 2020
Fake nails no acrylic
Fake nails no acrylic

Fake nails no acrylic  Sometimes we try to improve our look or use something different but something goes wrong. In particular, acrylic nails require some special care to which many women are not accustomed, and therefore may have affectations. We tell you the advantages and disadvantages of decorating your hands with these applications.

Fake nails no acrylic

Fake nails no acrylic
Fake nails no acrylic

Fake nails no acrylic

– Acrylic nails last longer than enamel. If you don’t have time to manicure or decorate your hands with varnish, these are a good option.

– They do not prevent daily tasks, since your body gets used to bringing them.

– Its maintenance and application are not expensive.

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– There are all lengths, sizes and colors. You can also change them according to your taste.

– Acrylic nails set the trend. Many women choose to wear them and they are a fundamental part of their daily look.


– You must touch them up after you notice the growth of your nail.

– You cannot remove them by yourself, you must wait for a qualified beautician to do it or you can have serious damage to your nails, such as bleeding or infections.

– Some products with which they are put can cause allergic skin reactions.

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– The lack of hygiene habits in this area produces fungi due to humidity and contaminants.

– If they are not applied well they can fall off and put them back in place requires maintenance, time and extra money.