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BTX Hair

2 diciembre, 2019
BTX Hair

It is the BTX Hair, a treatment with “botox” effect for the hair, which involves a hydronutritive and antiage shock, which has the ability to resurrect and tame the hair giving it shine, softness and eliminating frizz or frizz and it will also increase its volume keeping it that way daily.
BTX Hair by Innovatis is a treatment based on amino acids, vitamins, collagen, caviar, oil and active ingredients that, combined with each other, create a revolutionary formula, the BTX Complex, whose effects when injected into the hair are hydration, nutrition and repair Immediate from the first application.

BTX Hair

When will we use this product?
• As a shock treatment, when the hair is badly damaged.
• When hair is dehydrated, porous, dull and dull.
• When the hair is defibrated, weak or brittle.
• As preparation for very damaged hair for technical work.
• As maintenance of keratin treatments.
• As a treatment after dye, wicks or discolorations.
• To finish the Japanese or chemical smoothing.
• As a treatment for highly sensitized hair.

BTX Hair

If our hair has any of the aforementioned problems, when using BTX HAIR with its botox effect on our hair, we are giving it strength and will recompose the damaged joints of our hair. It will also rehydrate it, giving it more elasticity and adaptability at the time of drying and favoring us “brushing”.

How long does Botox hair treatment last?

We can say that it will be one of the star products of this season, since it is a very complete treatment that will leave us fantastic hair and that in a single session we will already have visible results. It is a product that you can only find in specialized sites in its use and Verona Stylists is one of them.

Btx hair treatment

I could not wait any longer and I went to have this treatment in my hair. I tell you and teach and experience.

Is Botox treatment good for your hair?

With these hairs I arrived at the hairdresser and the first thing they did was untangle my hair with a Tangle Teezer brush (they have it for sale), which as I told you, their spikes are designed to comb the hair without pulling.

BTX Hair benefits

the treatment. They come in glass vials and due to the high concentration of their active ingredients, at temperatures below 18ºC it crystallizes, having to heat it for application.
To keep the maximum amount of product in the hair, rinse it with water as cold as we endure and comb.
On this occasion it was not necessary to pass the plates, with a little work the hair with brush and dryer has been enough. Although it is advisable to use the plates to fix the product.

BTX Hair

Hair botox has many advantages, some of them very good and positive. For example it is a very easy and fast treatment that helps to rejuvenate the hair. It is also easy to apply.
Another of its benefits is the duration of capillary botox, since it lasts approximately 8 to 10 months, and in this period it leaves hair soft, young, shiny and without problems such as frizz and dry ends.

What is BTX hair treatment?

If you want to know what the Btx Hair treatment is, we tell you that it is a brand of a very good product, which in addition to giving the hair a lot of softness has an effect of rejuvenating the hair and the hair fiber.
This brand of botox Btx Hair, can be purchased at a mall or an aesthetic store or a hairdresser. A kit comes with several bottles with which the capillary botox is prepared and then applied to the hair.
There are several bottles, each of them contains a special ingredient, for example keratin, hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, natural oils, etc. This is all part of the Btx Hair treatment.

BTX Hair

This treatment about botox is also available to be applied in aesthetic clinics and hairdressers, but you can also buy it yourself in any pharmacy or store and apply it yourself at home, to have a perfect and shiny hair.

Btx hair before and after

If you want to know what you need to take care of before applying Btx Hair, we will explain below. First you have to have very clean hair, it is recommended that you wash it twice and remove all the dirt and particles that are in the hair fiber, the hair has to be very clean and without any added product.
After washing you can not apply conditioner or moisturizers, the hair must be natural and clean.
To apply the Btx Hair it is also recommended that the hair is wet and, because it will be easier to apply it on wet hair, than on dry hair.

BTX Hair

We will also show you some images about the Btx Hair treatment before and after, harp that you can see how the hair changes and how it looks, you can see that it is a very important change, because the hair in addition to straightening it also rejuvenates it and gives it more shine and smoothness.

BTX Hair
BTX Hair

Btx hair reviews

The benefits of capillary botox are many, but it is also a treatment that is only done once a year, and has a long duration. However the cost can be very expensive, but it is an excellent investment for the health of the hair and for the beauty of the woman.