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Btx hair treatment

2 diciembre, 2019

BTX hair treatment  is one of the most effective treatments that exist today, but it is also one of the most expensive. However, and the BTX hair treatment  despite the fact that many people prefer other types of treatments, BTX hair treatment  is still one of the most effective and gives the best results.

Btx hair treatment

Botox hair and botox hair treatment remains one of the most effective today many people still doubt its positive effects.
But if you want to know if this treatment is good for your hair, here we are going to give you the answers. Botox hair is one of the best treatments that exist has many positive advantages much more than other types of treatments.

BTX hair benefits

How can Brazil or Cocoa keratin be like, since in addition to offering benefits for many months it is very easy to apply whether it takes just two or three hours and also gives us very good results the hair botox is considered the best hair rejuvenator that exists today.
Due to its components, hyaluronic acid as well as botox or keratin, the natural oils, the moisturizing balm teeth it has makes hair look only younger.

What is BTX hair treatment?

Also that the hair looks brighter less dry that a lot of hair problems are prevented, such as dry ends, frizz etc. is one of the best treatments. If you want to know how long the hair botox treatment lasts here we give you the answer between 8 months and a year and from there it can be done again.
Other types of treatments can also be applied. It is important that you know that once a hair botox treatment is applied, you cannot apply another class of treatments to apply the hair botox.
You have to do a series of hair care for example the hair is very nice and it is recommended to wash the conditions sometimes and that there is no particle of dirt or dust or greasy.
Also, do not apply any type of product since the hair botox product has to penetrate the hair fiber easily and if the hair is dirty it cannot be applied correctly and will not have those benefits so good that hair botox gives the hair .

Btx hair

The wide universe of hair health is constantly evolving towards more natural and less harmful products for hair, such is the case of BTX, the name by which the product is known in English.
Botox hair is a 100% ecological treatment indicated for the restoration of damaged hair.

Despite being called capillary botox, botulinum toxin, the main compound of traditional botox, is not used to make the product. However, the treatment was named for obtaining results similar to the facial aesthetic procedure.
It is important to note that capillary botox is not injected into the scalp, as many think, but it is applied directly to the hair through massages and heat.

Is Botox treatment good for your hair?

Botox hair is a treatment that repairs broken or damaged hair fibers, achieves this through a powerful concentrate of active ingredients. Its formula has the peculiarity of restoring hair from the inside out, increasing its density. Btx hair treatment

The result is a total revitalization of the hair from the first use.

Hair botox

Btx hair treatment
Btx hair treatment

The product has the ability to recover hair structure without losing volume. Your hair will look brighter and silky, making brushing easier.

One of the most named aspects when talking about the results, is its ability to reduce frizz in wavy mane or eliminate it completely, at best. It will also increase the body and volume of fine hair.Btx hair treatment

An important advantage of capillary botox is its ability to repair split ends.

It can be used in absolutely any type of hair, unlike other treatments currently available that only adapt to certain types. It also does not interfere with other treatments you have done in your hair.
The application process takes between an hour and an hour and a half, is done exclusively in hairdressers or beauty salons.

How long does Botox hair treatment last?

The first step is to thoroughly wash the hair with a special shampoo that opens the cuticles and removes any type of residue.
The next step is to dry the hair. Then it is time to apply the capillary botox in sections, massaging from the root to the tips. Once the hair has absorbed the entire product, the hair is washed with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

After drying, the treatment is sealed with the iron, which ensures greater penetration of the product in the hair fiber.

How do you take care of your hair after Botox?

Finally comb your hair in the usual way.
Of course, the price varies depending on the room you choose to perform the procedure and place of residence.

While in some countries of Europe or the United States it is already installed as fashion, in most Latin American countries it is currently in expansion. In fact, many classrooms are just at the stage of testing the scope of capillary botox.
It is important to select a trusted professional salon. Although the application should not present major problems, some instances of the process require special attention.Botox treatment

Doing them in reverse order could result in non-activation of the product compounds. It should be noted that its price might seem somewhat high compared to the classic keratin, however, unlike this, its effect lasts several months.
The results of capillary botox are visible from the beginning, since the product has immediate effects.

It is important to underline that the final results vary according to the type of hair and its condition when performing the treatment.

 Botox hair treatment

According to those who have had the opportunity to try the hair botox, the results go beyond a strictly aesthetic issue, which is obvious. Now the time to brush your hair is much more relaxed and painless. The treatment detangles the hair, so that the displacement of the comb is carried out without pulling out hair.B

 BTX hair treatment


Stylists with years of experience, have stressed that customers leave the room with completely renewed hair, more moisture, and especially structure.

It is not the same hair that has been neglected for a long time, with clear signs of dryness and discoloration due to exposure to the weather, and another that has been maintained over time with products indicated for this purpose. The professionals comment that the greater the damage at the beginning, the better the final result is appreciated. BTX hair treatment

In the image that accompanies the article you can see a hair before and after the process. Next, it will be detailed what keratin consists of and its essential differences with respect to capillary botox.