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Btx hair innovates treatment

5 diciembre, 2019
Btx hair treatment

If your hair is frizzy often, it becomes easily tangled, it is dull, dull, with split ends and you feel that it lacks vitality, perhaps you should try the capillary botox. Despite its name, it has nothing to do with botulinum toxin, nor is it injected. From the hand of four experts we tell you what is the Botox treatment for hair and what benefits it has.

botox capilar tratamiento
botox capilar tratamiento

Btx hair innovates treatment

It is logical to think that botox for hair has something to do with botulinum toxin, one of the best known rejuvenating treatments. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Cristina G. Chacón of the MC360 Clinic, explains that “it is a combination of different ecological active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, proteins and vitamins), free of formaldehyde. Its name is only due to a commercial strategy for similar effects of hair straightening.

Botox capilar que es como se aplica
Botox capilar que es como se aplica

How to use btx primont

Btx hair

What is the Botox hair treatment?
Unlike botulinum toxin, Dr. Cristina G. Chacón tells us that “it is not injected into the scalp, but rather it is a direct application on the hair fiber through a massage and heat.” In other words, it is a non-invasive treatment that you can try in many hairdressers and whose duration is between 30-60 minutes.

What is it for?

Juan Carlos Fano, stylist and head of the Juan Carlos Fano hairdressing salon, points out that the capillary botox “serves to restructure the hair, restoring health and manageability and, in turn, improve frizz, while maintaining the volume of the mane.” Cristina Cali, of Studio C, adds that “the capillary botox repairs the broken ends, by closing the open cuticles.” In addition, Simeón Mascarell, make-up artist, hairdresser and stylist, responsible for the HR department of Low Cost Hairdressers, says that “the capillary botox moisturizes and recovers from the innermost part (medulla and cortex) to the outermost part, facilitating styling and providing density to the hair fiber “.

In summary, the capillary botox offers an immediate flash effect of nutrition and hydration, eliminating frizz, repairing the tips, strengthening the hair fiber and providing great shine and softness to the mane.

What hair is recommended?

Being a natural treatment any type of hair can benefit from the capillary botox, but Simeón Mascarell recommends it specifically for “dyed, sensitized, fine, wavy, frizzy hair …”. If you want your hair to be more hydrated and strong, it is hard for you to untangle it or you want to control frizz, the capillary botox will help you.

How long does it last?
The duration of treatment depends, in part, on the condition and type of hair. The more damaged it is, the less time it will last. In addition, if at home you use keratin shampoos, sulfate-free shampoos or silicones or specific products such as the SBS Botox extender spray offered at Low Cost hairdressers, you can lengthen the results. In any case, experts recommend repeating the treatment every 3-4 months, since its maximum duration is 2-3 months.

Btx hair Treatment

How much cost Btx Hair

In the Juan Carlos Fano hairdressing salon the price of the capillary botox is between 80-120 euros. In Studio C, the price of the treatment and the hairstyle is 70 euros, in this sense Cristina Cali points out that “the hairstyle on the same day of the treatment is very important to seal the cuticle well and that it penetrates the Botox better, working with a brush And heat”. In the centers of Hairdressers Low Cost they offer the treatment from 25 euros.
The wide universe of hair health is constantly evolving towards more natural and less harmful products for hair, such is the case of BTX, the name by which the product is known in English.

Btx hair treatment reviews

Botox hair is a 100% ecological treatment indicated for the restoration of damaged hair.
Despite being called capillary botox, botulinum toxin, the main compound of traditional botox, is not used to make the product. However, the treatment was named for obtaining results similar to the facial aesthetic procedure
It is important to note that capillary botox is not injected into the scalp, as many think, but it is applied directly to the hair through massages and heat.

Btx hair innovates

Btx hair innovates treatment
Btx hair innovates treatment

t’s likely that you’ve heard of the famous hair botox, we see it in almost all hairdressers, and they all offer nice, tidy hair without the annoying frizz. The costs of keratin and botox are around 100 soles, a high rate considering that the results are only temporary.
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The Vogue magazine portal mentions the advantages and disadvantages of both treatments:

What is and how does capillary botox work?

It is popularly called Botox because it brings youth back to everything that takes life away from hair. It is a treatment consisting of natural ingredients and without chemicals, such as caviar oil, peptides, vitamin B-5 and collagen. It works as a kind of “filler” that covers damaged hair fibers.

Advantage of Btx Hair

• The results are seen immediately, after the application and washing of your hair. Your hair will be softer and brighter.
• Repairs damaged hair, eliminates frizz almost entirely.
• Does not contain formaldehyde or any kind of chemicals.

Disadvantages: of Btx Hair

• The effect lasts two months on average and is a bit more expensive than keratin.
• Be careful where you get this treatment, as some use products called Botox that contain a slight percentage of formalin.
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What is Keratin and how does it work?
The treatments are composed of hydrolyzed proteins that, when subjected to heat, are fixed on the natural keratin of the hair. There are different types of keratins in the market (Brazilian, chocolate, mango, etc.), and they all work similarly.
• Restores and nourishes your hair, giving it back the proteins it has lost over time.
• Eliminates up to 90% frizz and relaxes curls because its formula contains keratin, amino acids and vitamins.
• Hair will become more resistant to temperature changes, staying healthy in the rain, snow, humidity or heat.
• Your hair will look hydrated and shiny.
• The effect only lasts three months.
• Most products contain formalin, which in the long term can be harmful. After the treatment is applied, you will not be able to wash your hair and you cannot use hairpins or garters for at least 48 hours.
* The application time of both botox and keratin treatments last at least 90 minutes.