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Acrylic nails shapes

Acrylic nails shapes Having manicured, painted nails and perhaps with an acrylic system is a trend that has been applied in the market for many years. Taking care of this important part of the body is important.

Acrylic nails shapes

Acrylic nails shapes

These false nail systems have become a trend, many prefer a regular and manageable size for everyday tasks, but for some years the use of long nails with colorful designs and with more oval shapes have been in trend.

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Acrylic nails shapes

Singers of the urban genre like; Becky G, Natti Natsha, Rosalía as well as Kardashians and also Hip Hop singers Cardy B and Iggy Azalea have popularized this nail style worldwide.

The 3 most popular forms of false nails are:

Stiletto: This shape consists of having a finite tip, making the nail look like a claw. It’s not very practical but it’s a favorite of Hollywood rappers.

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Almond: Almond or almond nails lengthen the fingers. However, because their appearance requires a long extension of the nail, they can easily break, since it is a shape that becomes weak on the sides.

Square: This shape consists of having the nail square. This type of nail is best suited for girls who want to have a medium length.

It is as for his style can be from the simplest to the most exaggerated, nowadays they do not worry about having a simple and sober design, but can have as many designs as they want, in addition to rhinestones.

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The application of acrylic nails implies the use of strong chemical products. Some women may be allergic to such substances.
Applying acrylic nails is not an easy task, so we do not recommend that you do it yourself at home. If you don’t apply them well, they can easily be undone.
Once you notice the growth of your nail, you have to touch them up.

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